ver. 4.2.2  
  - In 3D Studio MAX, each particle is represented depending upon it's own age/life. Since Track View is not suited for representing animation over particle age, a new form of animation control was necessary. AfterBurn's Animation Flow Curves (AFCs) represents the change of parameters over particle age. With such flexible animation graph control, the animator is completely unfettered when it comes to re-creating real or imaginary scenery. AFC supports different key types including Corner, Smooth and Bezier. AFC also supports various Interpolation Controllers such as 'Particle Age', 'Paticle Velocity', 'Object Distance', 'Expression' and more.

- Color change over particle age is animated via gradients (linear and TCB types). In AfterBurn each key color and position can be animated over the particle age, and time. Similar to AFC, gradients also support various Interpolation Controllers.