ver. 4.2.2  
  - AfterBurn Daemons are helper objects that affect AfterBurn and AfterBurn Combustion in different ways. (Think of them as “Space Warps for volumetrics.”) These daemons affect the volumetric effects by altering the noise and shape of the puffs.

- For example, the Wind Daemon can affect the puffs and make them appear as if they are moving in a particular direction.

- With Swirl Daemon user can create a vortex-like effect. It has animated strength and falloff allowing user to fine tune amount of swirling, or to fade it based on the Swirl Daemon object position.

- Explode Daemon is used to create realistic explosion-like shading of the volume. User can easily adjust radial color gradation, ranging from center of the particle to the edge. Several blending modes allow user to choose how colors from AfterBurn and from Daemon will be mixed.