ver. 4.2.2  
  Noise Types  
  - With seven different built-in noise types (Fractal, Turbulent, Fbm Fractal, Fbm Turbulent , Rock, Smoke, Spots) and ability to use 3ds max 3D Maps as a noise source, plus parameters that allow for total control of noise shape, an infinite variety of noise shapes can be created.

- AfterBurn facilitates easy tweaking of noise effects, essential for realistic noise motion. With only two mouse clicks, noise becomes more or less resistant to motion, and the animator can easily get the noise to look 'just as it should'. Noise phase can also be animated over particle age. The influence of these 'drag' forces is specially suited for explosions, and heavy smoke motion.

- AfterBurn noise types are extendible by a 3rd party developers as they’re in a form of a 3ds max plug-in. Such extensibility might be an important feature in extensive production environment.