ver. 4.2.2  
  It is a well known fact that 3ds Max does not support proper blending of various atmospheric entries. Inside 3ds Max, atmospherics are rendered according to their order inside Atmospherics rollout, regardless of their distance from camera, or their possible overlapping in world space.

- FusionWorks is our new technology that will overcome this problem and allow Sitni Sati atmospheric effects (FumeFX, AfterBurn and ScatterVL Pro at the moment) to blend properly. It also allows proper blending between FusionWorks enabled plug-in and standard 3ds Max fog. Image below is an example of proper blending between FumeFX, ScatterVL Pro and standard 3ds Max Fog.

- Additionally, FusionWorks can transfer channels, such as Z-depth, Material ID, and unclamped colors directly to 3ds max G-buffer. This will allow user to apply various Rendering Effects including image motion blur and glow, as well as exporting unclamped colors to .exr or .hdr file.