This page contains the list of Sitni Sati 3ds Max freeware plug-ins that are released to the public. It's our small contribution to the 3ds max community, so all the plug-in available on this page are free to use for any commercial and non-commercial work.

ScatterVL Pro is still the best plugin for volume light effects. It's the only plugin to make such light effects with great control and render speed.

Dietmar Kamp, DK Vision

ScatterVL Pro

ScatterVL Pro is the volumetric light shader plug-in for 3ds Max that allows users to control volume look and feel almost independently of the actual light settings. It lets you alter any aspect of volumetric light and even to use own projector map. ScatterVL Pro effect will properly blend with FumeFX when using the Scanline renderer.
Download ScatterVL Pro 2.0

ScatterVL Pro freeware
ScatterVL Pro Radial Gradient

Radial Color

Animatable radial gradient color allows you to create almost every possible stage lighting effect.
ScatterVL Pro attenuation range


Volumetric light attenuation with distance is completely controlled with AFC curve editor and provides a way to design various special effects.
ScatterVL Pro Shadow Compensation


Shadow Compensation options creates the illusion of light scattering from the illuminated media into the shadow. That is a really fast and efficient way to simulate the light scattering effect for volumetric lights.