FumeFX for Maya
ver. 4.1  

Sitni Sati's developers go to great lengths to ensure that their innovative software ideas meet industry demands for usability, performance and speed. As such, each element of FumeFX is designed to boost workflow efficiency.

- FumeFX's Relationship Editor allows you to easily assign sources, collision objects and lights to FumeFX.

- During the simulation, FumeFX will not block the user interface allowing the artist to move objects and to tweak any parameter and see it's effect on the simulation. There is also a status window that displays useful information, such as simulation status, elapsed and remaining time, and memory usage.

- One of the biggest workflow timesavers is the GPU accelerated Preview Window. It produces render-comparable images to give instant feedback on appearance and behavior of the simulation.

- FumeFX can also show all simulated data inside the viewports. Depending on the data type, it can be displayed as shaded dots, a vector field, or even as a numerical depiction. For easier navigation, user can even choose to view just a slice of the simulation.