ver. 2.5.8  
  In contrast to other terrain creation tools for 3D Studio MAX, DreamScape Terra has unique capability of advanced terrain manipulation. User can paint on the elevation map and thus making terrain higher or lower or even changing the mountain slope. Also, different 3DS MAX maps can be used to create terrains.

If you want to modify the terrain shape globally, there is a variety of filters already included in the package (Blur, Sharpen, Edges, Levels - just to name a few).

Terra Import option lets you use Terragen, DEM or SDTS files directly inside the editor. Free DEM/SDTS files collection on the Internet will make you busy for weeks!
DreamScape Noise map provides many noise types and excellent noise control. Some of the noise types are very well suited for the terrain generation.

Latest additions to the DreamScape Terra editor include zooming and panning, resizing, navigator window, selection tools, feather, terrain cropping, instant mesh preview inside viewport, MAX script support for creating and modifying Terra, support for pressure-sensitive digitizing tablets, user defined undo/redo levels, and more.

Terra editor window lets you paint on the terrain map directly, apply erosion or different filters.
Inside the documentation there is an explanation how to write your own filters for DreamScape (c++ knowledge is required!). This way you can easily customize the DreamScape terrain modelling capabilities.

Using DreamScape Terrain texmap you can apply different texture maps on various parts of the terrain based on the slope and/or elevation.