ver. 2.5.8  
  DreamScape includes two methods for rendering skies. One method is based on assumption that Earth's surface is flat which enable very fast atmosphere calculations. The other method is based on realistic Earth model where the Earth's surface is rounded.

Both methods are based on the physical properties of Earth's atmosphere that include different light scattering types, atmosphere density falloff with the height, haze, rainbow, sunglow and more.

By changing the atmosphere properties you can easily create realistic alien skies. Not only that the sky color will change under different conditions, but the light coming from the alien Sun will illuminate the scene completely different.

With DreamScape's intuitive user interface and floating Sky/Clouds preview window, creating realistic skies is fast and straightforward process as you can see the effect of parameter change instantly.

Built in Panorama Renderer allows rendering of sky and clouds 180 degree panorama bitmaps.