ver. 2.5.8  
  Sea Surface  

DreamScape is capable of creating realistic sea surface (SeaSurface object), sea surface shading (SeaMaterial material) and calculation of the underwater optical properties (SubSurface).

SeaSurface includes two different mesh generation algorithms - regular grid and adaptive mesh. Both mesh types uses the same internal wave generator that is based on the real ocean observations. This model allows user to fine-tune almost every aspect of the waves ranging from waves detail, scale, height, propagation speed, direction, and more.
SeaSurface mesh unique capabilities includes creation of choppy waves and calculation of foam. Foam map can be pre calculated and stored to your disk.

Similar to the AfterBurn Daemons, DreamScape Daemons allows additional SeaSurface manipulation. Another advantage of such approach is that new functionality can be added very easily to the package. Included is SimpleWaves Daemon that you can use to create swells and similar waves

Dynamics Daemon performs numerous calculations to simulate object-water interactions. It can create realistic wakes that will reflect and refract foam from wakes or objects, and calculate buoyant and gravitational forces acting on an object. Using DreamScape Engine Space Warp it is possible to create self-propelled object that will move smoothly across a SeaSurface.

With adaptive mesh type you can create huge sea surface and still keep the total number of polygons low. It also includes various optimization parameters as well as separate resolution for viewport and rendering.