ver. 2.5.8  
  Sea Material  

SeaMaterial makes it possible to render realistic ocean surface. Almost every aspect of the SeaMaterial color can be calculated automatically, based on the Sun position and atmosphere conditions. With SeaMaterial everything is easy - reflection, refraction, glittering, bump mapping, foam, sea color, automated under/above water detection.

SeaMaterial features raytraced reflections/refractions driven by our rendering acceleration system called RapidRay. Using this material you can apply bump map that is derived directly from the SeaSurface waves generator. This approach results in seamless blending of geometry and bump mapping.

Foam Map and Bump Map have separate map slots so you can use any other map in combination. Bump Map also includes filtering option, which will remove any flickering that might occur due to the aliasing. Blurred reflection will allow creating even more realistic appearance of reflected objects.