ver. 2.5.8  
  When we have started DreamScape development we had in mind that rendering of highly realistic outdoor scenery without proper illumination model will be almost impossible. Creating the Daylight system took us to another level where we needed to create the whole rendering acceleration system called RapidRay. RapidRay is a fast and memory-friendly rendering acceleration system that makes it possible to perform fast object intersection tests and shading. However, since DreamScape isn't a GI plug-in, multiple light bounces calculations are not calculated.

Daylight is a combination of direct sunlight and indirect illumination coming from Earth's atmosphere (skylight). This indirect illumination can be calculated automatically by the DreamScape. When you animate the Sun, skylight color will change accordingly and affect the scene (or even to change the SeaMaterial color). The whole process is completely transparent to the user, but we have also left the capability that certain automated parameters can be user defined.

With DreamScape Daylight you can create realistic outdoor illumination.

Area shadows in combination with Daylight will simulate the most important physical properties of Earth's atmosphere and Sun - completely automatically.